U.S.A. Sourced Industrial Castings

Off Shoring Considerations and Factors:

The recent implementation of tariffs have made overseas sourcing less appealing than ever before.

Before the tariffs went into effect many companies made sourcing decisions on base price alone. Its been proven many times that focusing on a low piece cost results in a miscalculation of actual offshore castings costs. Casting tariffs only amplify the need to calculate all relevant costs when looking for a supplier.

Total Cost matters more than low piece pricing. Low piece pricing looks attractive, but the total process cost eats into the savings a lot faster than people expect. Time zones matters. When you need effective responses to critical incidents it's better to be on the same clock cycle--and that's usually the middle of the day at your site, not the middle of the night. Language matters. If you can't communicate effectively, the work isn't going to be done correctly. It takes time to get to a stable, productive process. From quote to shipment of castings could take 2 to 3 times longer than a domestic source.

All Relevant Factors Should Be Considered When Determining The Total Cost Of Ownership Including:

  • Delivery

  • Quality
  • Rework
  • Warranty
  • Intellectual Property
  • Natural Disaster Risk
  • Political Instability Risk
  • Inventory
  • Emergency Air Freight
  • Travel Cost/Time or Local Onsite Audit
  • Communications
  • Green Considerations
  • Wage and Currency Changes
  • Language Barriers
  • Time Zone Burden
  • Product Liability
  • Personnel Risk
  • Freight Cost


Carson Castings has resisted the flawed theory that US manufacturing is dying and not competitive in the world market. We’ve backed this up by only representing foundries that produce castings right here in the USA. Facilities and processes you can see and visit with a car ride or short flight.

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