Manufacturer In Need of Ductile Iron Components

Problem: A manufacturer of industrial motion control components approached Carson Castings in need of an existing ductile iron component. The reason for this was to try to find a more cost-effective raw casting supplier of the component.

Solution: Carson Castings participates in the quoting of many “cost savings” initiatives each year. Instead of only finding the lowest cost raw casting source available, Carson Castings also looked at the overall design of the ductilecasting.

Discussing the end use of the component with the customer’s engineering staff, it was discovered that key features could be produced “as-cast” instead of being machined.

The partner foundry not only said it could be done, but produced a small pilot run in-house to prove capability as well. The resulting component with less machining yielded the customer a 23% savings.


Conveyor Component 4lbs


Crankshaft 3lbs


Gear Housing 15lbs


Handel 2lbs


Link Pin 4lbs


Pillow Block 6lbs


Piston Cover 2lbs


Shaft and Hub Assembly 9lbs


Shift Fork 1lbs

If you require the same casting expertise at a competitive cost, please contact us today. Even though we use the latest technology to create our products, we believe some aspects of doing business never go out of style. At Carson Castings, we pride ourselves on industry values you would expect such as being responsive and ethical. We are optimistic about the future of the industry and are committed to it for the long haul.

The bottom line is that you can trust Carson Castings we know the ADI Castings industry inside and out and we value you as a customer.

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