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For over five decades Carson Castings ( has been supplying many types of industries with their casting needs.

With our specific focus we offer our clients:

  • Expertise in our field - We deal strictly in the sourcing of castings and machined castings. Highly specialized in gray iron.
  • Added Value - We can provide raw castings or complete assemblies and everything in between (painting, heat treat and machining).
  • Tooling Options – No-bake and green sand molding. Floor, manual, squeezer, cope and drag, Hunter, Sinto, B&P and Disa molding processes.
  • Industry Knowledge - Our years of experience in the casting field ensure we
  • place your work at a facility suited to your project’s unique needs.

Gray Iron Casting Overview

Gray iron has been produced in various forms for thousands of years, making it the most recognized type of cast iron. Gray irons can be alloyed to increase strength and hardness while cast, or to increase their response to heat treatment.

Gray iron castings can be machined easily and are used for damping or controlling vibration in a variety of applications. The mechanical properties of gray iron are determined by the combined effect of its chemical composition, processing technique in the foundry, and the solidification and cooling rates.

Properties of gray iron castings are affected by its shape, size and wall thickness as well.

Foundry-Source Is Your Source For gray Iron Castings

Gray Iron Also Called Gray Cast Iron

Much of the annual production of gray iron is in the form of gray iron engine blocks, gray iron c asted valves and gray iron casted pump housings. gray cast iron is made in a gray iron foundry.

Foundry-Source works with gray iron castings from automated molding machines and high pressure machines; gray iron casting capability includes the cost efficient manufacture of large gray iron castings. Foundry-Source has gray iron castings made in several specialized furnaces used to melt the gray iron.

Foundry-Source also works with small gray iron casting castings from molding machines. The machines produce castings of gray iron ranging from a few pounds to more than 200 pounds.

The finished product of gray iron castings can be more geometrically complex than the product of a rolling, forging, or machining process like milling or turning. gray iron castings are the original way to produce near net shape parts.

Foundry-Source will find you the right gray iron castings to make your parts.

Our gray iron castings have the right grade of gray iron you need:

  • gray iron ASTM A48 class 20 G20 G2000
  • gray iron ASTM A48 class 25 G25 G2500
  • gray iron ASTM A48 class 30 G30 G3000
  • gray iron ASTM A48 class 35 G35 G3500
  • gray iron ASTM A48 class 40 G40 G4000
  • gray iron ASTM A48 class 45 G45 G4500
  • gray iron ASTM A48 class 50 G50 G5000

We also can provide equivalents to European grade gray iron:

  • EN-GJL-150 aka DIN 1691 – GG15
  • EN-GJL-200 aka DIN 1691 – GG20
  • EN-GJL-350 aka DIN 1691 – GG25
  • EN-GJL-300 aka DIN 1691 – GG30

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