Grey Iron Castings
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cover_6 lb gear_housing_12 lb geared_flange valve_retainer_8 lb housing_extension_6 lb
Cover 6 lbs
Gear Housing 12 lbs
Geared Flange 6 lbs
Valve Retainer 8 lbs Housing Extension 6 lbs Water Jacketed Exhaust Manifold 34 lbs
bearing_retainer 1 lb compressor_body 18 lb compressor_body 3 lb brake_drum 24 lb cover_22 lb headplate_17 lb
Bearing Retainer
Compressor Body
18 lbs
Compressor Cylinder
3 lbs
Brake Drum 24 lbs
Cover 22 lbs
Headplate 17 lbs

Grey iron – Flake graphite provides gray iron with unique properties (such as excellent machinability) at hardness levels that produce superior wear-resistant characteristics, the ability to resist galling and excellent vibration damping. Grey iron is sometimes spelled gray iron.

Strength and hardness are sensitive to section thickness in gray iron castings. In thin sections, the material can be hard and difficult to machine. In heavy sections, its strength is reduced significantly. Because the modulus of elasticity for gray iron is higher in compression than it is in tension, the use of standard structural formulas results in a conservative design.



Grey Iron Casting Overview

Gray iron has been produced in various forms for thousands of years, making it the most recognized type of cast iron. Gray irons can be alloyed to increase strength and hardness while cast, or to increase their response to heat treatment.

Gray iron castings can be machined easily and are used for damping or controlling vibration in a variety of applications. The mechanical properties of gray iron are determined by the combined effect of its chemical composition, processing technique in the foundry, and the solidification and cooling rates.

Properties of gray iron castings are affected by its shape, size and wall thickness as well.

  Standard Specifications Characteristics Applications
Grey Iron • ASTM A48: gray iron castings
• ASTM A74: cast iron soil & pipe fittings
• ASTM A126: gray iron castings for valves, flanges & pipe fittings
• ASTM A159: automotive gray iron castings
• SAE J431: automotive gray iron castings
• ASTM A278 & ASME SA278: gray iron castings for pressure-containing parts
for temperatures up to 650F (343C)
• ASTM A319: gray iron castings for elevated temperatures for
non-pressure-containing parts
• ASTM A823: statically cast permanent mold castings
• ASTM A834: common requirements for iron castings for general industrial use


Several strength grades;
vibration damping; low
rate of thermal expansion &
resistance to thermal fatigue; lubrication retention; and good machinability.

heads; manifolds for internal combustion engines; gas burners; machine tool bases;
dimensionally stable tooling subjected to temperature variations, such as gear blanks & forming
die covers; cylinder liners for internal combustion engines; intake manifolds; soil pipes; counterweights; and enclosures & housings.


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