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Carson Castings ( specializes in iron castings for a wide variety of uses including impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant materials. Iron castings are used in many applications including pumps, valves and flanges in such diverse industries as milling and cement.

Casting Photo GalleryNi-Resist Iron Castings – ASTM A36
Ni-Resist is a high nickel metal used to resist acid, caustic, and salt solutions. Ni-Resist is characterized by having an austenitic structure matrix produced by means of an alloy with Ni, along with approximately 10% carbide. Ni-Resist provides excellent corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, low thermal expansion and thermal shock resistance.

Common applications are corrosion-resisting parts, particularly in seawater, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and petroleum refining. Heat resistance is an area where Ni-resist is commonly used (for example, furnace parts, etc.). Ni-Resist possesses the same coefficient of expansion as aluminum, making it suitable for wear-resisting inserts in aluminum components such as valve guides in cylinder heads and ring carriers in aluminum pistons.

Ni-Resist castings are used in many applications including pumps, valves, pipe fittings, flanges and marine industry products. It is also used for valve guides, insecticide pumps, flood gates, piston ring bands, sea water valves, pump bodies, and pump section bells. Additional uses include caustic pump casings, valves, and pump impellers.

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