Specializes in Iron Castings

Carson Castings ( specializes in iron castings for a wide variety of uses including impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant materials. Iron castings are used in many applications including pumps, valves and flanges in such diverse industries as milling and cement.

Casting Photo GalleryNi-Hard Iron Castings - ASTM A-532
Ni-Hard is a white iron product alloyed with nickel and chromium to give significant abrasion and impact resistant properties suitable for low and high stress abrasion applications. The structure of Ni-Hard is composed of iron and chromium carbides, fixed in a matrix rendered martensitic by the nickel content. Hardness ranges from 400 brinell to 750 brinell. 

Ni-Hard is an abrasive iron used in Mining, Milling, and Earth Handling.  It is also used extensively in the Power Plant Industry, Mining Industry, Brick Plant Industry, Asphalt Industry, Cement Industry, and Rock Crushing Industry. 

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